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Marauder 13.0%, Wander Beyond Brewing, England
2 ratings
13.0% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout


Post author: Lasis
@ De BierTonne
4 years ago
Marauder, England
Tumman ruskea. Nopeat ruskeat vaahdot. Tuoksu vadelmasuklaata. Maku vadelmaa ja suklaata. Kumpikaan ei säväytä, häiritsevän pistävä vadelman maku. Juotava olut.

Post author: Jari J
Jari J
@ De Bierliefhebber
4 years ago
Marauder, England
New beer in Pint Please. Can. Canned on: 11/2019 Temperature: +13 C Very dark brown, almost black color. Small head with poor retention. The texture looks nice and thick: 4/5 Nice, a bit tart and refreshing raspberry aroma. Chocolate also is very clearly there. The sweetness from the lactose. Nothing really special but pleasant and even quite strong: 4/5 Mouthfeel is too light, which lets the raspberry tartness through. Tartness rises a quite high level and I don't like that at all: 3/5 Taste is all about raspberry and chocolate and damn the raspberry flavor is strong. It covers up pretty much everything else. And when the beer even finishes with a raspberry tartness the flavor is just one big no-no: 7,5/15 Not my Cup of tea. All the complexity that should be in Imperial Stout is nowhere to be found. Sad: 10/20 =28,5/50