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Iford Cider 5.0%, Iford Cider Ltd, England
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Iford Cider
5.0% Apple Cider
I found this in a Garden Centre near Lycock, Wiltshire. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect so was chuffed to bits to find the cider brewed on the Iford Manor Estate near Bradford Upon Avon is absolutely lush. Really enjoyed its fresh, slightly sweet finish to the medium dry cider. It’s a still cider and drank it with some ice, making it refreshing and light. I really hope I can find more of this and enjoy it again.


Post author: Guitarfreak
1 year ago

Post author: Cashbmx01
@ Whitehall Garden Centre, Lacock
4 years ago
Iford Cider, England
Absolutely love this cider brewed in Bradford Upon Avon, Wiltshire. Found in a local garden centre which sells overpriced food and drink - you know they type of place. Medium dry with a really nice sweet edge - a change from the standard Thatchers Gold medium taste. It’s a still cider, which was also a nice change.