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Le Poin-Pousse 3.7%, Brasserie de La Pièce, Switzerland
1 ratings
Le Poin-Pousse
3.7% Brown Ale


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Au Coin Mousse
3 years ago
Le Poin-Pousse, Switzerland
Flight 3/4. Lucid, burgundy beer (the picture portrays it too dark) with tame carbonation lays sluggishly a cloud-white, hesitant cotton lacing. The decoration dissolves soon to a dense lace ring circling the surface and leaves no traces on the glass. The olfactory provision includes subdued cherry nectar and a drop of raspberry. The palate is characterized by a powerful cocktail of sour cherry, lingonberry, cranberry and remote blueberry. The overall experience is, notwithstanding, relatively thin. The body is thin. The beer finishes with redcurrant, cherry, lingonberry and cranberry, accompanied by a new entrant: rowanberry. The aftertaste stays in the mouth over medium period. The mouthfeel is thin, rich in berries and gardeny. It's also a tad tart but not really puckering. Furthermore, the mouthfeel is somewhat mouth-drying. Characterless and disappointing.