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Cry Cryo Cry 7.3%, S&A BREWING, Switzerland
1 ratings
Cry Cryo Cry
7.3% India Pale Ale


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
3 years ago
Cry Cryo Cry, Switzerland
My last 🇨🇭 beer for a while. Pours semilucid, deep gold. The introvert carbonation sets a creamy head that barely elevates up to one finger. Soon the froth declines to a hair-thin lacing on the surface. Some coverings adorn the glass to the width of five millimeters maximum. The scent is attractively fruity, perfectly smooth and rather tropical: I find bags of mango, cantaloupe, pineapple and nectarine. I can also detect sweet biscuit and a pinch of yellow sultanas. A massive floral nuance emanates to the nostrils, as well. The taste is somewhat more dry-hoppy than the fragrance. My taste receptors receive additionally a generous punch of lemon pulp, lemon peel, grapefruit, raw mango and nectarine, in varying volumes though. Hop burn follows in the immediate proximity. The body is medium to medium-full. The beer ends with dry hops, dry grass and bitter citrus peel. The finish loses all the soft tropical stonefruity elements that used to feature in the actual taste and especially fragrance. The aftertaste keeps the tastebuds smiling for a relatively long time. The mouthfeel is soft, smooth, somewhat dry and mouth-drying. Even though the mouthfeel is also a tad crisp, it's surely very tropical and even a bit warming. Really enjoyable.