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Mono Case I Juicy NE DIPA 8.7%, S&A Brewing, Switzerland
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Mono Case I Juicy NE DIPA
8.7% New England DIPA / Hazy Imperial IPA


Post author: Kyle Kylesonii
Kyle Kylesonii
1 year ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
4 years ago
Mono Case I Juicy NE DIPA, Switzerland
The beer colors translucent, pale amber. It's not common to find a NEDIPA that is not hazy. This is one of the clear ones. The head is a moderate, pure white and tiny-bubbled froth. The glass is decorated by a few horizontal patterns. The scent is fruity: I pick lemon zest, apricot, mango and a touch of orange juice. I can also detect biscuit and a bit of sugar-coated oatmeal. The gustatory profile is decently fruity, relatively juicy and a bit dry-hopped. Lemon pulp, lemon peel, a small dollop of orange juice and raw pineapple constitute the skeleton of the palate. Crackers accompany in the distance and pull the strings apart. The body is light to light-medium. The beer finishes with a reasonable amount of dry hops, raw pineapple, grated lemon peel and a punch of bitter oat flour. The aftertaste keeps the tastebuds active for a long time. The mouthfeel is slightly crisp, a bit dry and flat. It's also juicy but not particularly summery. Also a bit sharp. Not very New Englander but rather a hybrid of East Coast and West Coast.