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Black Sparrow 8.0%, Brasserie L'Apaisée, Switzerland
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Black Sparrow
8.0% Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale


Post author: Alexis
4 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
4 years ago
Black Sparrow, Switzerland
Time for a Swiss beer! 🇨🇭🍺 Murky, deep dark brown beer with abrupt but short-lived carbonation creates a light beige, velvety head that falls short of half a finger. The foamy cap dissolves soon to a thin lace ring circling the surface. The vanishing head leaves the glass intact. The scent is attractively aromatic: I get nice brettanomyces and red wine soaked oak barrel that form the base of the fragrance. I can also detect a thin coffeeish note and a bit of citrus pith. The olfactory provision has no clear direction and leaves, hence, a confusing impression. The taste is quite unique and funky. It's still confusing but intriguing. I find sour citrus pith, red wine and wet oak barrel. Brettanomyces is recognizeable and fairly prominent. Furthermore, healthy berries of lingonberry and aronia bring in their own peculiar aromas. I also pick subtle injections of coffee and licorice in the shadows. The body is light despite the ABV of 8.0 %. The beer finishes with more or less the same medley, especially red wine, oak barrel and citrus. The berries of lingonberry and aronia add sourness onto the tongue. The aftertaste puckers the tastebuds for a short to medium duration. The mouthfeel is astonishingly light, somewhat tart and a tad puckering. It's also extraordinarily unique, strongly barrel aged and intriguingly funky. I have never encountered with such a Black IPA before. Still surprisingly quaffable. Glad I bought this.