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Grapefruit & Lime Crush 4.5%, Red Cat Brewery, England
1 arviota
Grapefruit & Lime Crush
4.5% Milkshake IPA
Grapefruit and Lime Crush, a delightful 4.5% Milkshake IPA. Version 3.0 of this grapefruit and lactose pale. We have ramped up the flavour by adding lime to the grapefruit and lactose. This results in a more zesty, smooth and sweet finish. Unfined and hazy, with a distinct grapefruit and lime flavour.


Post author: James Š
James Š
@ James' House
4 years ago
Grapefruit & Lime Crush, England
Grapefruit and lime compliment each other nicely in this sessionable hoppy pale ale. A soft mouthfeel and a pithy yet balanced finish. Not as full on as some grapefruit IPAs. A good starting beer for the night. Would drink well on a balmy summer’s eve...