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Straw Berry White 13.5%, Superstition Meadery, United States
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Straw Berry White
13.5% Mead


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Pien Shop & Bar
4 years ago
Straw Berry White, United States
Self-made flight of Meads 1/4. Tasted earlier today. Served in small 6 cl portions. All four rate at UT > 4.6. This particular Mead has been rated at 4.64. That's astronomical! The first Mead pours murky, deep burgundy. No head emerges on the top. Only after the entire drink is finished, do I detect a color of strawberry juice. The scent is mesmerising: I capture intensive toffee, heavy strawberry liqueur and a good slam of caramel. Heavenly! The gustatory triumph is equally supernatural: I can't avoid getting overwhelming strawberry liqueur, a tad red wine and a neat injection of honey in the background. The full-bodied Mead finishes long with powerful strawberry wine faint and some honey. The mouthfeel is truly sappy, thick, sticky and lip-glueing. It's also substantially full, intriguingly deep, very desserty of course as well as slow. Complexity is something that is a bit short, otherwise perfect.