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BlossomGueuze 6.0%, Brouwerij Lindemans, Belgium
34 ratings
6.0% Lambic - Gueuze
Blossom Gueuze is 2 to 3 year old lambic aged in wood, blended with 12 month old lambic and elderflower. After refermentation in the bottle this gueuze has a golden colour and combines the sour taste of lambic with the natural and fresh aromas of elderflower. It is an ideal aperitif and also combines well with various dishes. Limited edition: 10,000 bottles. Available from 16 September at the best beer retailers, pubs and restaurants. - Brewed at Brouwerij Lindemans- Lambic


Post author: MMM
2 years ago

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

Post author: Nemo
@ Alko Prisma kokkola
3 years ago
Löytyy hedelmäisyyttä ja happamuutta. Tymäkkä bisse! Tykkään.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Alko Arkadia
3 years ago
BlossomGueuze, Belgium
FAREWELL TO 2020! 🖐🏻 It's been a crazy year. Little did we know in the first two months what the year would bring along. States of emergency, closing of borders, isolation, social distancing, disinfectants, facemasks and even confinement of provinces or cities like we experienced in our Uusimaa Region during 27 March to 15 April. Movement of in/out of the Region was heavily restricted and even sanctioned. I crossed that "border" once out and back in on 4 April. The beer scene experienced also major impacts. No beer festivals, restaurants being closed, no brewery or taproom visits abroad due to the seriously restricted international mobility. On the other hand, I visited a couple of smaller local beer festivals in the summer when the restrictions were temporarily eased. Webshops have also become familiar. Many American breweries that traditionally hadn't sold their produce outside the country started to sell through online stores in Europe. In Finland, one change that I associate with the covid year is the launch of growlers. The good thing is also that, despite all the challenges, we still haven't seen a major wave of closures of breweries and restaurants and pubs in Finland. At least not up to now. People always hope that a turn of a year would bring positive things for them. This turn of 2020/2021 is extremely exceptional as almost all people wait eagerly for the better next year. The ending year has been so crazy, and historically catastrophic, that their expectations are not unwarranted. Nobody expects 2021 to be worse than 2020. Neither do I. Vaccines are there and mass immunizations have started. People have also learned to behave in pandemic circumstances. Other than covid, even escalations of trade wars, let alone military wars, have been contained. The economies will be hard hit but maybe not up to a collapse though, unlike what we were warned about in the spring. My predictions to 2021 are: the first three months will be challenging. We may well have to fight a third wave of covid. With some setbacks and one more possible smaller (fourth) wave, things start to ease towards the summer months. The summer of 2021 will be the key divide between pandemic and non-pandemic in Europe. Travel restrictions will be lifted but be prepared to carry a covid immunization card with you when traveling abroad. Intercontinental travel will still face restrictions throughout 2021, maybe occasionally even up to 2022. Anyway, we will one day return to more or less normal social life. Before we reach that point, let me bid farewell to 2020. I'll do it with an elderflower seasoned Gueuze. The beer pours clear amber. The sparkling carbonation unlocks a cloud-white, silky head that climbs three to four fingers tall. The surprisingly long-lived head shrinks to a thick moussy lace ring circling the surface. The nose loves the relatively strong, dry white wine and prominent wild yeast culture. There's white grape, white gooseberry and sour winter apple playing their intrinsic tricks. Wheat supports the constellation nicely. The taste profile is tart and sour, of course. The various components of white grape, a tad sour apple and white gooseberry whirl together with harsh grapefruit peel and a punch of wild yeast, and render a dry, vinous sensation in the mouth. Wheat malt doesn't step out of the crowd too much. Elderflower is subtle and faintly herbal, otherwise almost undetectable. The body is light. The beer finishes with no noticeable difference. The same dry, vinous and rather unchallenging palette carries over to the end. The aftertaste waits impatiently to turn the page while the tastebuds convince that it will happen soon. The mouthfeel is somewhat light, distantly floral, tart and a tad puckering. It's certainly dry, reasonably drying and definitely acidic. All in all, truly vinous, elegant and refreshing, absolutely funky and Belgiany but also not very hardcore. Even quaffable. The sparkling effervescent nature makes it a nice drink for celebrations! 🍾

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3 years ago

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3 years ago

Post author: Mikko H
Mikko H
@ Explosive Bar (Pommi)
3 years ago
BlossomGueuze, Belgium
Lambiccia testiin. Tuoksussa makeaa omenamehua ja happamuutta. Maussa kirpeän hapanta hedelmäisyyttä. Viljaisuutta on mutta kevyesti. Happamuutta on ja sopivasti kyllä tähän oletukseen. Hyvää ja maukasta, maltillisilla prossilla.

Post author: Nicolas N
Nicolas N
3 years ago

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Seb. T
3 years ago