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Rocky Road Stout 9.5%, Griffin Claw Brewing Company, United States
1 ratings
Rocky Road Stout
9.5% Imperial / Double Milk Stout


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Beerdome
4 years ago
Rocky Road Stout, United States
Brilliant, jet black beer with shy carbonation unleashes a tan, mousse-like head that thickens up to one finger's measure. The head shrinks soon to a thin lace ring on top and leaves a few stretched cobwebs on the glass. The scent is quite delicious: dark chocolate, mudcake and brownie in equal proportions. I can also detect moderate notes of vanilla and hazelnut. The fragrance is attractive but weaker than I anticipated. The taste is somewhat surprising: chocolate is extraordinarily dark and accompanied by raw cacao powder. Somebody has snatched the pastries, they seem to be nowhere. The surprise factor is linked to the rather strong berry-like aroma that is composed of raspberry and cranberry. Perhaps a restrained nuance of sour black cherry can also be identified. Still further, I get a tiny pinch of coffee beans and fleeting vanilla behind the curtain. The body is astonishingly light. I'd say it actually is light and not even light-medium. The beer ends with a tad bitter coffee beans, sour cranberry, raspberry and raw cacao powder. The medium-lasting aftertaste leaves the tastebuds in disappointment. The mouthfeel is light, slightly tart, a tad dry and coarse. Somewhat disappointing: there's no sign of rocky road or marshmallow in the beer. Also the chocolatey touch is unexpectedly subtle to my expectations.