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Double Liberty IPA 8.2%, Anchor Brewing Company, United States
4 ratings
Double Liberty IPA
8.2% Imperial IPA / Double IPA


Post author: Chris B
Chris B
7 years ago
Double Liberty IPA, United States
My God I deserve this. Having just returned to darkest Gloucestershire after a long, hard day in London I've treated myself to this beauty. Massive amounts of hops with a tart aftertaste that's full of pine resin with back notes of pineapple. Packs enough of a punch to make you wince with pleasure. And what's this? A curry, left warming in the oven.....ready to eat - despite the fact there's only me and the cat up. That's what I call a homecoming. Cheers!

Post author: Viltzu
7 years ago
Tuoksu on Cascadehumalan tykitystä: kukkainen, hunajainen, sitruksinen, makean yrttinen. Maku on raikas mutta samalla myös makean kukkainen ja sitrusmainen. Sellainen keveän hento mutta kuitenkin aromikas ja raikas. Cascade toimii hienosti. Hienon erilaisen makuinen DIPA.