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Whose Kids Are These? 5.2%, Barrier Brewing Company, United States
3 ratings
Whose Kids Are These?
5.2% Stout


Post author: TomiSormunen
4 years ago

Post author: Jiimies
@ Pien Shop & Bar
4 years ago
Whose Kids Are These?, United States
Vuoden kolmannen joululahjan kimppuun. Musta. Paksun paahteinen ja tummasuklainen tuoksu. Pehmeä kärki mukavalla makeudella. Kepeähkö runko makealla ja paahteisella maltaisuudella. Jälkimaku makea, hieman keksinen, paahteinen ja maltainen.

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
4 years ago
Whose Kids Are These?, United States
Happy Friday. Says on the can that it is a “rainbow cookie pastry stout”. Not sure what that is & was expecting a sweet taste but it isn’t real sweet. It has some light cocoa with a hint of almond. It is slightly dry. Overall I find this kind of bland for a stout. The taste is very light. Average at best.