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Robust Porter 6.2%, Stoup Brewing, United States
2 ratings
Robust Porter
6.2% Porter
(Silver medal in the Robust Porter category at the 2014 World Beer Cup), (Silver medal in the Robust Porter category at the 2014 Washington Beer Awards). ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 45, SRM: 34; Rich in color and character, our robust porter conjures up memories of decadent chocolate treats dipped in coffee. Hints of dark chocolate, roasted coffee and light malty sweetness are the result of a complex malt profile including chocolate malt, roasted barley, roasted wheat and roasted rye.
IBU: 45


Post author: Niklas S
Niklas S
@ Hotel Max
6 years ago
Rather deep taste I find difficult to describe, a bit too metallic to my taste. Bit of coffee, hint of chocolate.

Post author: Cmccubbin
7 years ago
Such a nice roasty Porter!