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Capitol Kölsch 5.2%, Capitol City Brewing Company, United States
2 ratings
Capitol Kölsch
5.2% Kölsch
Original brew from 1982
IBU: 19


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Capitol City Brewing Company
17 days ago
Capitol Kölsch, United States
Another taproom in this city. Unfortunately only two beers of their own are found on tap at the moment. Lucid gold beer with reasonable carbonation builds a cloud-white whipped-creamy head that exceeds one finger. The fairly long retention sustains the moussy layer on the top. A nice hoppy scent. Grainy malt in the baseline. Slightly earthy and very straightforward. Just the way it should be. The tongue enjoys biting crisp hoppiness that merges beautifully with the grainy malt. Not sure if there's marginal diacetyl, as well. Anyway, basic stuff, no gimmicks but some harsh rasp that scratches and dries my gums. The body is medium. Not bad for 5.2 %. The end is otherwise identical to upfront but diacetyl pops up marginally bolder. Like a staunch state capitol, blood moon curdles on the back of your clavicle; hear you whimper like a put down animal; the aftertaste is the king. The mouthfeel is medium, crisp, earthy, slightly dry and relatively drying. Simple, straightforward and classical.

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ The Partisan
5 years ago
Capitol Kölsch, United States
Classic kolsch. Sweet malt with an earthy hoppiness to finish. It’s all about the malty sweetness though...