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Aphotic 9.2%, High Water Brewing, United States
3 ratings
9.2% Imperial Porter
Formally defined as the depths in water beyond which less than one percent of sunlight penetrates. Aphotic is a beer with a very dark side. Just one sip and you will understand the true depths of its darkness as the deep, luxurious layers of malt rich-ness tantalize and tease your taste buds.
IBU: 38


Post author: Matt P
Matt P
5 years ago
Aphotic, United States
Pretty solid coffee imperial porter. The first aroma and taste is of course coffee. The second smell and taste i get is the alcohol, which isnt hidden as well as i would like. Glad i gave it a try but wouldn't purchase again. One bomber is enough for me.

Post author: Sirdubby
5 years ago
I'm getting coffee in the aroma. Good start. Coffee hits first in the taste, as expected. It's definitely a porter, as the mouthfeel is lighter than a stout would be. I'm also getting some chocolate and lactose as well. Drinks like a milk stout. Kinda has a smokiness to it. Not a 'run out and buy this' beer, but a very well made coffee imperial porter. Medium body with an appropriately lower carbonation for the style. 4/5

Post author: Mikikin
8 years ago