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Bourbon barrel aged coffee porter with bourbon barrel aged beans
Barrel aged


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
3 years ago
Restless Nights, United States
This is a bourbon barrel that hits the mark. The bourbon is on the light to light medium side with a medium coffee taste. There is some oak, vanilla & dark chocolate in the background to compliment it all. Overall a great bourbon/coffee porter that is kind of melded together in the right way. I really enjoyed. A collab beer between Boulevard brew co & Modern Times brew co.

Post author: Olli S
Olli S
@ Fatpour Tap Works
3 years ago
Restless Nights, United States
Maistuu makealta kaljalta

Post author: Sirdubby
3 years ago
Bourbon and coffee in the aroma. Taste has a nice mellow yet flavorful bourbon. The coffee comes in mid-palate and is pretty tasty. Medium-ish body with a medium amount of carbonation. As this continues to warm up, the coffee is becoming stronger, which is a plus. Definitely a well made coffee porter. 4/5