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Vanillaphant Porter Ale With Vanilla 6.2%, Avondale Brewing Company, United States
1 ratings
Vanillaphant Porter Ale With Vanilla
6.2% Porter
Avondale’s beloved Miss Fancy the Elephant’s favorite pastime was to guzzle bootleg beer and whiskey. We share Miss Fancy’s affinity for tasty brews, which is why we were inspired to add a twist to one of our favorites. The ale is surprisingly light bodied for its robust flavor and has all the chocolate and roasted nut flavors you would expect in a porter but with a special vanilla twist at the end. We use the world's finest hand selected vanilla beans from the bourbon.


Post author: Edgeworth
3 years ago
Vanillaphant Porter Ale With Vanilla, United States
It's ball game time. Pours an opaque brown color. Medium sized head that is very brown, not very thick. Roasted bitter chocolate flavor, not sweet at all. The finish is dry and bitter chocolate. It's just an okay beer.