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Kaffee Sauer 4.8%, Blackwell Brewery, Switzerland
1 arviota
Kaffee Sauer
4.8% Sour / Wild Ale


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
4 years ago
Kaffee Sauer, Switzerland
The late night coffee pours relatively foggy amber. A pure white, minuscule-bubbled head emerges on the surface, adorns the top for some time and dissolves over time to a cute lace ring circling the top. The nose gets extraordinarily bitter coffee and buckets of light-roasted coffee beans, followed by unspecifiable citrus. The taste portrays massive passionfruit and loads of zesty lemon pulp. A generous dollop of very bitter, overstayed black coffee storms onto the taste receptors, accompanied by mashed raw coffee beans and a distinct salty touch. Spelt tries to turn the package a bit less biting but more or less fails. The light-bodied beer finishes with sharp, rather bitter and tart citrus pith and peel as well as bad-tasting cold coffee in which somebody has put salt instead of sugar. The aftertaste gives no mercy to the tastebuds for a relatively long time. The mouthfeel is light, rather tangy, pungent and edgy. Makes you want to grind your teeth. It's also tart and astringent and features crisp characteristics. The unsuccessful medley of tart citrus and tangy coffee makes this beer extraordinarily challenging. Over and out from Geneva this time.