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Coetus Pêche 6.0%, Brasserie l'Apaisée, Switzerland
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Coetus Pêche
6.0% Sour / Wild Ale


Post author: WexiLahti
5 years ago
Coetus Pêche, Switzerland
Flight 3/4. This should be my Swiss beer #100 🇨🇭 Cloudy, rusty orange beer with timid but long-lived carbonation lays a moderate, cloud-white head that dissolves hastily to an almost invisible ring of minuscule bubbles circling the surface. The olfactory provision includes hefty peach, some apricot, mango and a whisper of papaya. Quite a cocktail of tropical fruit! The tongue receives rather sour peach, not particularly massive but pronounced, a good dollop of lemon juice, some guava and lemon peel. Perhaps also a bit of grapefruit lingers on the taste receptors. I can identify a distant farmhousey aroma in the palate, as well. The aftertaste puts forward light-sour peach and bitter orange peel. Its duration is somewhere between short and medium. The mouthfeel is light, distantly funky (not enough to call my attention) and remotely earthy. It's also relatively dry and a tad mouth-drying as well as a bit tart and faintly puckering. Moreover, the mouthfeel is rather tropical and summery but also bit closed.