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Kriek Lambic 4.5%, Brouwerij Mort Subite (Alken-Maes - Heineken), Belgium
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Kriek Lambic
4.5% Lambic - Fruited
Beer of type lambic fruit flavored in cherries Morello cherries. It consists of a mixture of young lambic, of lambic of one year flooded in cherries and lambic or three Years. Sublime, light and refreshing in fruity irresistible !


Post author: Heidi M
Heidi M
@ Elfde Gebod
22 hours ago
Kriek Lambic, Belgium
Kuin kirsikkalimua jois! Herkkua taas kerran ja taas samassa jeesusbaarissa tääki.

Post author: Kerivin N
Kerivin N
@ Lidl Châtillon
3 days ago
Kriek Lambic, Belgium
Fraîche et agréable, j’aime sa petite note acidulée de fruits rouges. Sympa !

Post author: Thomas A
Thomas A
9 days ago

Post author: CraftBeerChronicler
18 days ago
Kriek Lambic, Belgium
Mort Subite Kriek Lambic Tradition is a Belgian fruit lambic brewed by Brouwerij Mort Subite in Belgium. This beer is known for its traditional brewing methods and use of cherries to create a unique and flavourful drinking experience. Pouring a deep ruby red colour with a pinkish head, it immediately captivates with its vibrant appearance. The aroma is filled with intense notes of ripe cherries, with hints of tartness and a subtle earthy undertone from the lambic base. The taste of this beer is a delightful balance of sweet and sour flavours. The cherries provide a rich, natural sweetness that is complemented by a refreshing tartness typical of lambic beers. The mouthfeel is effervescent and crisp, with a medium body that enhances the overall drinking experience. Mort Subite finishes with a lingering cherry flavour that leaves a pleasant fruity aftertaste. The beer is well-carbonated and refreshing, making it a great choice for those who enjoy fruit-infused lambics or are looking to explore the world of traditional Belgian beers. Overall, Mort Subite is a well-crafted and flavourful beer that showcases the unique character of Belgian lambics and the use of cherries in brewing. It is a great option for those looking to enjoy a fruity, slightly sour beer with a touch of sweetness.

Post author: Tp77
25 days ago

Post author: Quide O
Quide O
1 month ago
Kriek Lambic, Belgium
Cerise, acidulée et très fruité !

Post author: Virgil J
Virgil J
1 month ago
Acide, chimique et étrange. Mais bizarrement c'est bon, on aime

Post author: Nagsta
1 month ago
Assez bien fait, pas trop sucrée mais un peu trop acidulée pour moi

Post author: Sarah Coco
Sarah Coco
1 month ago

Post author: Alga17
1 month ago
Une mort subite légère et fruité