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Ute West Yorkshire IPA 7.0%, North Brewing Co., England
5 ratings
Ute West Yorkshire IPA
7.0% New England IPA / Hazy IPA


Post author: Angel Hispano R
Angel Hispano R
2 years ago

Post author: Andy B
Andy B
@ Beer Hawk
4 years ago
Ute West Yorkshire IPA, England

Post author: Ben A
Ben A
5 years ago

Post author: Jari J
Jari J
@ De Bierliefhebber
5 years ago
Ute West Yorkshire IPA, England
Yey, more North Brewing! Can. Canned on 19.8.2019 Temperature: +9 C Absolutely gorgeous looking: yellow, hazy and tall, creamy thick white head that leaves plenty of laces behind. Doesn't get any prettier than this: 5/5 And if the appearance is appealing, so is the scent: juicy (I mean you can always squeeze the juicy aromas in the actual juice...try to imagine that), pineapple, mango, peach and passion fruit with a touch of citrus and resin: 4,75/5 Mouthfeel is also juicy... At first, I thought the body lacks roundness, but then the oat creaminess really rises and makes that luxury juiciness together with the hop oils. Perfect bitterness for the style. Awesome: 5/5 Taste is a mixture of different kinds of sweet fruits and tropical vibes. Creamy oat and just a touch of hop burn at the end. Juicy and thick, just as a NEIPA should be: 13,75/15 This is just pure pleasure from start till the end. Doesn't get boring at any point. Basically a perfect NEIPA and one of the best beers I've had this year. North Brewing fucking rocks!!!❤️18/20 =46,5/50

Post author: Johan B
Johan B
5 years ago
Ute West Yorkshire IPA, England
Aromas: Smells absolutely amazing! Tropical fruit candy Taste: Citrus, stone fruits, melon, pine. Soft! Juicy. Slightly bitter at the end. Lovely beer!