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Closer Glimpse 5.6%, The Veil Brewing Co., United States
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Closer Glimpse
5.6% Lambic - Faro
LIMIT OF 1 BOTTLE PER PERSON!!! Closer Glimpse is a blend of 19 month and 28 month old spontaneously fermented, Lambic-inspired ale, then bottle conditioned for 9 months. It was brewed using a traditional turbid mash process, aged leaf hops, an extended boil, then naturally cooled and inoculated in koelschip, and barrel-fermented and aged. No yeast is ever pitched to create these batches, and The Veil bottle condition using only the cultures present in the beer from the koelschip. Closer Glimpse is a step towards their goal of creating a Gueuze-inspired 1, 2, and 3-year blend produced right in Virginia. Very complex, reminiscent of Lambic, musky fruit, cheesy hops with the perfect acid profile. Brewed and bottled by The Veil Brewing


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