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Post author: James Š
James Š
@ Chesterfield Craft
3 years ago
Oak Barrel Stout, United States
Smokey with hints of chocolate. Vanilla and oak linger in the background and add a level of complexity with the sweetness, roasted and smoked malts balancing out perfectly. For such a flavourful beer it feels a bit thin and lacking in body but then you remind yourself it is only 5,5%abv. A nice drop

Post author: Christopher T
Christopher T
@ Beers of Europe Warehouse
4 years ago
Oak Barrel Stout, United States
A nice American sweet stout can get the oak aroma . A nice roast and slight vanilla in the taste excellent

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
5 years ago
Oak Barrel Stout, United States
I think this is the same as the Dominion one as when I scanned that came up. It tastes the same as it is smokey with some light cocoa. It also has the same abv at 5.5%. Maybe now it is a collaboration & repackaged as it lists Fordham & Dominion brewing companies. Still good tho. I love a Smokey beer