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Market Porter 4.5%, Thornbridge Brewery, England
664 ratings
Market Porter
4.5% Porter
Decadently smooth and creamy with a coffee and chocolate character, balanced with a light roastiness.


Post author: NuttyPeter
7 days ago

Post author: Boerjes Vodka
Boerjes Vodka
1 month ago
Market Porter, England
2nd time. Last time I was "too drunk to tell." This time I can tell it was better than 3.1.

Post author: Pipan
1 month ago

Post author: Tapza
2 months ago
Aika perus kauppa porter tasoa. Tunnistettava, mutta ei mitenkää erikoinen

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ Portland Hotel
2 months ago
Market Porter, England
Thinking ahead so I had a Guinness before having this one, glad I did. The thin dry roastiness of the Guinness was in stark contrast to this. What is really becoming evident to me is cask conditioning is far superior to bottle conditioning. When I’m trying beers from the cask that I’ve previously tried from bottled I’m more often than not overwhelmed by how good they are in comparison to from the bottle. Coffee and mellow cocoa with a hint of roastiness. Full bodied and chewy. Creamy head lingers around and just adds to the appeal. A mellow lingering bitter finish makes this far more enjoyable than the bottled versions. This was the last ever beer I bought for my grandad and I know he’d approve more of this version!

Post author: Prins Kajuku
Prins Kajuku
@ Systembolaget Ljungby
3 months ago
Market Porter, England
Dova smaker av kaffe, ganska tunn dock.

Post author: Micke T
Micke T
3 months ago

Post author: Mark H
Mark H
@ Thornbridge Brewery
3 months ago
Dark creamyporter with a caramel head. Has dark charcoal/coffee tastes

Post author: Janne K
Janne K
3 months ago

Post author: Pimpim68
4 months ago
Riktigt god öl