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Five a day ipa 6.0%, Wantsum Brewery, England
2 ratings
Five a day ipa
6.0% India Pale Ale
No this is not actually one of your Five A Day, But wouldn’t it be awesome if it was! This is a New England Style IPA, plenty of Whirlpool Hops to lock in that Citrus Fruity Floral Flavour from the American Hops, backed up by plenty of Dry Hopping in the Fermenter, the Malt Beer contains plenty of Oats and Wheat to give this beer plenty of Body and Mouthfeel, Enjoy!


Post author: Daniel T
Daniel T
4 years ago
Five a day ipa, England
Okay to start. So bitter towards the end. Also just not a normal New England IPA. NEIPA are my fav at the min as well but this is not the one

Post author: Tommo21
4 years ago