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Pullman Yard Porter 7.0%, Khonso Brewing Company, United States
1 ratings
Pullman Yard Porter
7.0% Porter
Khonso Brewing crafted Pullman Yard to honor the spirit that opened doors for so many as railcar workers in Atlanta. This Porter Style Ale is a fusion of spices and herbs that emphasizes flavor and complexity. Single hopped with Perle and brewed with a blend of star anise, cinnamon, Szechuan pepper, and other spices Pullman Yard stands out in a crowd.


Post author: Edgeworth
@ The Foundry Growler Bar
3 years ago
Pullman Yard Porter, United States
OK, this was my fourth 4 oz beer on this flight. So far, 3 very good brews. Not this one. Too spicy, too unusual. I know everyone wants to be different and unique but this missed the mark for me. Did not even finish a small 4 oz sample. I love a dark beer, Porters and Stouts are my favorites, but I can't recommend this.