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Farmhouse Cider 5.0%, Waahto Brewery, Finland
3 Bewertungen
Farmhouse Cider
5.0% Apple Cider
Fresh apple is the main thing in this half dry Cider; you can smell, taste and feel it. The mouth feel is rich and body is deliciously light. The Champagne yeast brings hint of sweet aroma and great dignity. Perfect amount of carbonation makes the overall feel just right. Even beer drinkers love this. So have a pint and enjoy!


Post author: Laty
2 years ago
Erittäin hyvä sopivan kuiva siideri

Post author: Kari S
Kari S
@ Suuret Oluet Pienet Panimot 2021 Tampere
3 years ago

Post author: Jake
@ Waahto Brewhouse
5 years ago