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Funk 'n Soul 4.0%, Otter, England
2 ratings
Funk 'n Soul
4.0% Golden Ale / Blond Ale
Golden Ale.


Post author: Guitarfreak
4 years ago

Post author: Bearded C
Bearded C
4 years ago
Funk 'n Soul, England
#6 In case anyone else apart from ASout was following my bike ride / pub crawl home last night, even if only out of a sense of morbid curiousity, then rumours that I ended up sleeping in a ditch simply aren't true. My phone battery died around the time of my sixth beer, which I'm posting posthumously now. This was in The Maypole Inn in Ashurst Wood where I remember lots of pizzas being eaten. All in all a great success, and I may repeat it next week if the weather stays dry.