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Helles Crisp Pale Lager 4.8%, Brightside Brewing, England
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Helles Crisp Pale Lager
4.8% Dortmunder / Helles
We make our lager using the classic European noble hops Hallertauer and Saaz which are synonymous with the traditional European style. The beer is straw coloured with very mild bitterness, has a clean and fresh taste, and shows delicate hop aromas and flavours. It’s understated and refined rather than flashy, and so is ideal to go with all styles of food.


Post author: Jericho
@ Tesco
1 year ago
Helles Crisp Pale Lager, England
This was a surprising taste. The sourness of the flavour surprised me when expecting more of a lager. Not for me but the Mrs was a fan.

Post author: Mrratch
2 years ago
Helles Crisp Pale Lager, England
An earthy taste to this one. Not great.

Post author: Seasider
@ The Waldorf
2 years ago
Helles Crisp Pale Lager, England

Post author: Oliver S
Oliver S
3 years ago