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F Is for Fruit Salad 4.5%, Evil Twin Brewing, United States
3 arviota
F Is for Fruit Salad
4.5% Grodziskie / Gose / Lichtenhainer


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Pien Shop & Bar
5 years ago
F Is for Fruit Salad, United States
Cloudy, deep orange beer with medium-rich, regular-duration carbonation frees a pure white, velvety head that elevates up to one finger's height. The foamy cap dissolves soon to zero. The glass is left more or less pristine. The nose gets a messy punch of apricot, peach, mango, lemon and orange. Seawater lingers distinctly in the background. I can still pick a little pinch of fruit drycake finalizing the sentence. The taste receptors find a bit of this and that. The direction is unguided and the tongue doesn't know where to go. The citrusy dimension is probably the easiest starting point: orange zest, lemon pulp, mandarin and bitter orange peel are at least identifiable. Another depictable dimension contains peach and nectarine. Furthermore, I imagine a tiny injection of gooseberry added to the package. Salt, of course, is present and seems to be embedded all over the place. In a nutshell, the palate is as confusing as Pommac or energy drinks. The body is light. The beer ends with light-salted lemon zest, squeezed orange, a small dash of mandarin juice and a tad bitter orange peel, followed by a slice of nectarine and peach. Salt is accompanied by a momentary lapse of coriander. The aftertaste confuses the tastebuds for some time. The mouthfeel is light, juicy, first fizzy but then flat. It's also faintly tart, distantly herbal and messy. Sorry but this is a flop by Evil Twin.

Post author: Lauruus
@ Pien Shop & Bar
5 years ago

Post author: Katja
@ Pien Shop & Bar
5 years ago
Paljon eri makuja luvataan, mutta ei oikein erota mitään. Jää vähän vaisuksi, mutta happamuus on hyvä.