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No.8 Gravedigger 5.0%, Gorgeous Brewery, England
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No.8 Gravedigger
5.0% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout
Vanilla Milk Stout. Rich and full bodied, brewed with lactose and vanilla. Roast coffee notes and dark chocolate flavours balance the sweetness.


Post author: af42
2 years ago
Tremendous. Really well-balanced flavours. Great aromas. Nice dark colour - of the many dark beers I've evaluated it's certainly up there with the big boys. Vanilla comes through in the sweet sugary smell, but the beer is gentle and trickles down very easily. A big winner. Pretty sweet but not overpowering. Gets better with every pint. Strongly recommended.

Post author: Andrew B
Andrew B
3 years ago
Smooth and sweet with just a hint of vanilla taking the edge of the bitterness

Post author: Didi
4 years ago

Post author: Kaz
@ The Ribs of Beef
4 years ago
Very nice, smooth, pleasant taste, good dark colour