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Sherry the astronaut (Vol. 2.0) 11.3%, Humaloidi Homebrewing, Finland
2 arviota
Sherry the astronaut (Vol. 2.0)
11.3% Barley Wine


Post author: God-Emperor's Wraith Form
God-Emperor's Wraith Form
5 years ago
Sherry the astronaut (Vol. 2.0), Finland
Sherry chips aged Barley wine. Oh boy. Color is dark red. Scent is a bit off-putting. Has some ripen cherries or vinous character, but also feels kinda not right. Boozy? But the taste is much better. Sugary (muscovado), full, sherryish, the usual caramel barley wine taste. Mouthfeel is thick but a bit alcoholic towards the end. Hmm, very well done but needs some enhancing to be perfect.

Post author: Jari J
Jari J
5 years ago
Sherry the astronaut (Vol. 2.0), Finland
Another homebrewed beer here because I'm all out of other beers exept the homemade ones. Bottle. Bottled on: 8.1.2019 Temperature: +12 degrees Pours thick. Deep Amber coloured with really good clarity. Off-white head with average retention but it stays at the edges for a long time. The brewers from Olarin panimo and Maistila has also tasted this. I reseived praises about the texture the beer has. And I'm also pleased as the way this Barleywine looks like. Nose: sweet caramel, toffee, with red berries/sherry notes plus subtle oak charecter and licorise aroma. Some alcohol. Needs more (bready) maltiness. Brewers also said that the sherry oak aging is covering up the malty flavours a lot. So in the future I'll probably not oak age this. Some of the pro brewers also pointed out that the toffee is too strong but the others actually liked that aroma very much. Personally I like it. I just want more maltiness in there. Pleased for the scent. Mouthfeel is very full and round. Alcohol warmth is evident but not boozy or hot. Some kind of sticky feel at the end. Balancing bitterness. Definately a mouthfeel of an English style barleywine and the brewers also liked it. In the future when I'm brewing this again (with some tweeking) I'd like this to have more complex mouthfeel. Now this is good and all but not showing any multilayerness. Taste: sweet, Red berries/sherry flavour with again some oaky taste. Toffee is strong, but not as strong as in the aroma. Alcohol taste is there behind all the others. Brewers pointed out that the oak aging covers the rich malty flavours again and I agree with them 100%. Have to brew lot more maltier/more complex barleywine in the future. Overall the taste is good with no off-flavours. No one pointed the toffee to be too strong. Easily one of the best beers I've made. Resieving mostly positive reviews to my friends and the profesional brewers. Some of the comments included were "this is good", "this is really good" and "I'm happy to taste homebrewed stuff that isn't shit". This is also the strongest beer I've ever made. Keeping the fermentation Temperature under control really is a paramount when making a very high ABV beers. Last time I made this beer (which I wrote in here also) was fermenting too high and that Led to a annoying off-flavours and hot alcohols.