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Cuvée Oncle Pol 7.0%, Brouwerij De Leite, Belgium
14 betyg
Cuvée Oncle Pol
7.0% Sour Red / Brown
Malts: Oat, Rice, Wheat
Barrel aged


Post author: Beer't
8 months ago
Cuvée Oncle Pol, Belgium
Flemish Red Brown boisée et fruitée avec une acidité prononcée.

Post author: Alexandre V
Alexandre V
2 years ago

Post author: Arnald D
Arnald D
2 years ago

Post author: Jean-Baptiste C
Jean-Baptiste C
2 years ago
Cuvée Oncle Pol, Belgium
18 bière de mon calendrier de l’avant Vraiment pas à mon goût

Post author: Alessandro G
Alessandro G
3 years ago
Cuvée Oncle Pol, Belgium

Post author: Craig M
Craig M
@ Louie Browns, Dalgety Bay
3 years ago
Cuvée Oncle Pol, Belgium

Post author: Beer Hunter
Beer Hunter
3 years ago
Cuvée Oncle Pol, Belgium

Post author: Sy C
Sy C
3 years ago

Post author: Coffee Monster
Coffee Monster
3 years ago
Cuvée Oncle Pol, Belgium
From the Beer52 Cyberfest 3 - Saturday box. Smells sour and full of fruit in a good way - tastes great - a real sour hit, but then wham! That really sour bitter aftertaste hits you. Too sour for me. It was pleasurable for a few seconds and then the aftertaste ruined it for me. If you like sours well worth a try.

Post author: Frank B
Frank B
@ Beer52
3 years ago
The 2nd beer from the Beer 52 Cyber Fest 3 Day 2 box. It pours a hazy, dark brown in colour with a frothy cream coloured head. Aroma is of Belgian yeast with a distinct sourness. Flavour is actually nice with malts, spices and Belgian yeast. However, it has a long sour finish, which is not for my palate.