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Au Coin du Virage #3 4.7%, Brasserie du Virage, Switzerland
1 ratings
Au Coin du Virage #3
4.7% New England IPA / Hazy IPA


Post author: WexiLahti
5 years ago
Au Coin du Virage #3, Switzerland
Flight 4/4. Hazy, deep yellow beer with timid, short-lived carbonation frees a vague, cloud-white head that can't reach half a finger's height. The lace ring lingers on the surface for long. Tiny splashes are left behind. The nose gets a significantly fruity cocktail of cantaloupe, lemon pulp, pineapple and mango. My olfactory organ picks also piney hops and a faint note of resin. The taste receptors enjoy the considerably fruity, summery fruit bomb that is composed of soft sweet cantaloupe, bags of lemon zest, a good amount of mango and zesty pineapple. I also find grapefruit, rather strong spruce needles and a dollop of resin. Furthermore, I sense an interesting hint of sweet bubblegum somewhere in the shadows. The body is medium. The beer's aftertaste allows one to experience a hefty cocktail of sweet cantaloupe and mango, zesty pineapple as well as bitter lemon pulp. The hop burn is evident and keeps the tastebuds alert for a reasonably lengthy time. The mouthfeel is really tropical, somewhat soft and smooth. It's also truly juicy, summery and refreshing.