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Run Right Back 5.0%, Left Handed Giant Brewing, England
4 betyg
Run Right Back
5.0% Sour / Wild Ale


Post author: Mike B
Mike B
@ Premier Hop
3 years ago
Run Right Back, England
A pretty tasty raspberry flavour, with a slightly saltiness. Does also taste a bit weak/watery, but it’s still worth trying. A lovely colour and a cool can design too. Decent

Post author: Miikka K
Miikka K
@ Pien Shop & Bar
4 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Pien Shop & Bar
4 years ago
Run Right Back, England
Turbid, impenetrable raspberry-mash-tinted beer with rich, short-lived carbonation creates a white, faintly rosé-hued, porous head that reaches two fingers. The froth dissolves soon to a thin lace ring on top and leaves the glass untouched. The scent offers colossal light-sour raspberry mash. Amazing! I can also pick soft wheat malt and a drop of milk in the fragrance. The taste receptors fall in nirvana because of the extraordinarily massive, nicely sour raspberry mash. A bit of blackcurrant, a small injection of strawberry and a distant note of pungent blackberry linger somewhere in the shadows. Lactose brings in softness, but the taste is by no means milky, neither sugary. The body is light to light-medium. The beer ends with relatively strong, medium-sour raspberry nectar, accompanied by a little bit of strawberry and a tiny pour of grandma's blackcurrant juice. The aftertaste keeps the tastebuds satisfied for some time. The mouthfeel is substantially juicy, gardeny, very summery and really natural. It obviously goes without saying that the mouthfeel is also quite unbeery. Very attractive! Works beautifully on a nice summer evening like today.

Post author: orson
@ Left Handed Giant Tap
4 years ago
Run Right Back, England