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Prize Old ale Barbera BA 10.4%, Marble Beers, England
1 ratings
Prize Old ale Barbera BA
10.4% Old Ale


Post author: Jari J
Jari J
@ Beerdome
5 years ago
Prize Old ale Barbera BA, England
Bottle. Bottled on: 11/2017 Temperature: +13,5 degrees Reddish brown color. Off-white head has a medicore retention. The foam breaks down from several spots but stays somewhat intact in other places: 4,25/5 Nose has a bit vinegary/mild sour aroma? Some redwine like fruitiness. Then malts and raisins Hmmm seems interesting, I think this has purpsely fermented with brett. Or then this just have one fucking major contamination: 3,75/5 Mouthfeel: medium-light body, some tartness. Drying effect from the wild yeast and barrel. I would like to have Old ales with more body: 3,5/5 Taste: redwine-oak-brett combo dominates the flavour. Some malty toastiness, raisins and dried fruits. Aftertaste is crips and dry: 10/15 This has to be purposely mixed fermented with Brett. A tribute for the historical Old ales. I have to say I like the more maltier and heavy, modern day Old ales more but this was a pleasure: 15/20 =36,5/50