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Oudbeitje (2017) 6.0%, Hanssens Artisanaal, Belgium
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Oudbeitje (2017)
6.0% Lambic - Fruited
Fresh strawberries macerated in young lambic in oak barrels with fermentation in the bottle. Brewed by Hanssens Artisanaal


Post author: Kharnynb
3 years ago
Decent enough sour with strawberry flavour but a strange aftertaste.

Post author: Vepi
4 years ago

Post author: KozelFan
@ Giffnock Village
4 years ago
Oudbeitje (2017), Belgium
Stunning young lambic infused with strawberries, excellent troff. This dispels the myth that you can't brew with real strawberries. The subtle aroma of the strawberries offsets the tartness of the base lambic. Overall the balance is perfect. The strength is hidden and the bitterness is too the fore. Almost perfection.

Post author: God-Emperor's Wraith Form
God-Emperor's Wraith Form
@ Mallaskellari
4 years ago
Oudbeitje (2017), Belgium
Sure has the strawberry. The frozen kind, but yeah, still strawberry and alright. But is very vinous, even to vinegarish elements. Tad funky. Sour. Was nice to try, but wouldn't have the whole bottle myself.