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A Night Like This 5.3%, Pig & Porter Brewing Co., England
3 ratings
A Night Like This
5.3% India Pale Ale
Blood Orange IPA.


Post author: Miggins
@ The Tipsy Gardener
3 years ago
A Night Like This, England
Tangy fruit with a slight bitterness of the blood orange, nice!

Post author: Gavin W
Gavin W
4 years ago

Post author: Josh N
Josh N
5 years ago
A Night Like This, England
A blood orange IPA but on the sour side, as I’m not a fan of sours this isn’t really for me, not much bitterness from the hops as you’d expect from an IPA. The blood orange is there but it seems mainly the citric acid has made it through giving it a sour twang