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House Cider 4.2%, All Hands Brewing House, Australia
1 ratings
House Cider
4.2% Apple Cider


Post author: WexiLahti
@ All Hands Brewing House
4 years ago
House Cider, Australia
Tasting paddle 5/8. Cloudy, straw cider with faint green hue and shy, white ring of minuscule bubbles circling the surface. The scent portrays a good amount of sour apple juice and very distant rhubarb. A floral note lingers behind the corner. The taste is surprisingly sour with mouthwatering, natural fresh-pressed apple nectar. The cider finishes over medium duration. The mouthfeel is light, relatively tart and puckering. It's also dry, somewhat acidic and mouth-drying. Very nice cider!