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Longneck Best Bitter 4.1%, All Hands Brewing House, Australia
1 ratings
Longneck Best Bitter
4.1% Premium Bitter / Strong Bitter / ESB


Post author: WexiLahti
@ All Hands Brewing House
4 years ago
Longneck Best Bitter, Australia
Tasting paddle 2/8. Transparent, deep copper beer with a modest, white lace ring circling the surface. The hops are nicely in the forefront of the olfactory provision. A subtle hempen nuance accompanies the scent. No other elements can be detected. The tongue loves the strong, slightly sharp malt that has gained more impetus from dry-grassy hops and a drop of resin. The body is light-medium. The beer finishes long with strong-hopped malt, a pinch of spruce needles and a drop of resin. The mouthfeel is strong, slightly coniferous, relatively crisp and somewhat dry.