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Sea Legs Pale Ale 5.6%, Sea Legs Brewing Co., Australia
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Sea Legs Pale Ale
5.6% American Pale Ale


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Sea Legs Brewing Co.
5 years ago
Sea Legs Pale Ale, Australia
Transparent, deep amber beer with abundant, sustained carbonation builds a one-finger, off-white, velvety head that descends gradually to a thin lacing and stronger lace ring on top. The soft nuances of zesty grapefruit, grated lemon peel, faint pineapple and a tiny pinch of cantaloupe emanate to the nostrils. The palate is less soft than what the fragrance would suggest. Hoppiness is rather hefty and somewhat piney. I find bags of grapefruit pulp and heaps of lemon peel, accompanied by a pinch of spruce needles, distant resin, a good amount of grass and a strong grainy nuance. The body is medium. The beer ends with somewhat stingy fruity hops, bitter lemon peel and unfresh grapefruit. The aftertaste kicks the taste receptors' asses for quite some time. The mouthfeel is strong, tangy and rather crisp. It's also a bit coniferous and slightly lip-glueing. Relatively old-school.