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Sea Legs Milk Stout 6.5%, Sea Legs Brewing Co., Australia
1 ratings
Sea Legs Milk Stout
6.5% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Sea Legs Brewing Co.
5 years ago
Sea Legs Milk Stout, Australia
Opaque, pitch black beer with restrained, short-lived carbonation releases a fawn, mousse-like head that climbs up to one finger. The foamy pillow loses air truly sluggishly, descends gradually to a whipped-creamy layer and clings tightly onto the side of the glass with thick creamy paintings. The scent is attractive: loads of milk chocolate and soft cream, accompanied by identifiable lactose and a faint note of sweet licorice. The tongue receives hefty sweet licorice, a tad bitter cough syrup, some raw chocolate and a small dollop of mocha. The body is medium-full. The beer finishes with bitter licorice and a strong medicinal nuance, licorice root and a tad bitter, tangy mocha. The aftertaste rolls on tongue for a substantially long time. The mouthfeel is strong, a bit sappy, somewhat tangy and relatively full. It's also rather creamy, a tad oily and reasonably round.