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Pep Talk 2.9%, Soapbox Beer, Australia
2 ratings
Pep Talk
2.9% Dark Ale


Post author: Fabrice H
Fabrice H
@ Soapbox Beer
3 years ago
Une brune assez fort en malte torrifié. Goût de café légèrement chocolaté. Mais cette bière manque d'épaisseur.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Soapbox Beer
4 years ago
Pep Talk, Australia
Flight 1/5. Transparent, deep dark brown beer with ruby tint and a neat, fluffy, light tan head. The fragrance serves strong creamy coffee, a good dollop of syrup, bags of toffee and a hefty caramelly punch. The palate is, unfortunately, much less robust than what the scent would have indicated. I find watery syrup, bitter caramel and brown multigrain bread. The body is thin. The beer finishes astonishingly rushedly with bitter caramel and a drop of syrup. The mouthfeel is watery, which is no surprise for the ABV of 2.8 %. It's also a bit crisp, lame and uninspiring.