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The Ritz Putin on the RIS 9.4%, Brisbane Brewing Co., Australia
1 ratings
The Ritz Putin on the RIS
9.4% Imperial Stout


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Brisbane Brewing Co.
4 years ago
The Ritz Putin on the RIS, Australia
Flight 5/5. Opaque, glowingly black beer with timid, rapid carbonation unlocks a beautiful, chocolatey head that dies gradually away but clings tightly to the wall of the glass with multiple tiny splatters. The nose loves the aroma of dark chocolate and light mocha, a decent amount of licorice and a burned note. The tastebuds enjoy the boozy oaky taste in which edgy licorice and raw chocolate feature notably. A drop of mocha and a good pinch of roasted coffee beans can also be identified among the gustatory elements. The body is medium-full. The beer ends with sharp licorice and a boozy, slightly woody note. Strong licorice, bitter raw chocolate and a tad coffee beans help a lot with the finishing enjoyment. The aftertaste is medium to long. The mouthfeel is strong and somewhat edgy, heavily burned and somewhat charred as well as noticeably boozy. It's also a bit oily, recognizeably creamy and woody. This seemed to be also my 100th Australian drink. 🇦🇺