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Luvabeer Strawberry Sour 4.8%, Brisbane Brewing Co., Australia
1 ratings
Luvabeer Strawberry Sour
4.8% Sour / Wild Ale


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Brisbane Brewing Co.
4 years ago
Luvabeer Strawberry Sour, Australia
Flight 2/5. Turbid, pale milky orange beer, really astonishing appearance! The rich, restrained carbonation unleashes a white, cotton head that adorns the top as a frazil-icy lacing and neat lace ring for significantly long. The fragrance is massively fruity: sweet homemade strawberry nectar. Oh mama!! The taste is thinner and quite sour: strawberry mash and a bit of rhubarb. The light-bodied beer ends with sour strawberry juice and lemon pulp over a prolonged period. The mouthfeel is light, tart, juicy and puckering. Interesting and unique!