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Crimson Mire 6.7%, The Catchment Brewing Co., Australia
1 ratings
Crimson Mire
6.7% Smoked / Rauchbier


Post author: WexiLahti
@ The Catchment Brewing Co.
4 years ago
Crimson Mire, Australia
Flight 4/4. Muddy, red-brown raisin-hued beer with restrained, regular-duration carbonation frees a latte-colored, creamy head that adorns the top as soft cotton lace ring for long. The fragrance is truly thin, putting forward raisin, sweet brown bread and sweet malt biscuit. The tongue receives a bit crisp caramel malt, accompanied by raisin, semisweet brown bread and malt biscuit. I also find a good amount of grapefruit peel. The body is light-medium. The beer ends with grapefruit, lemon peel, caramel malt and fermented raisin. The aftertaste rolls on tongue for some time. The mouthfeel is rather crisp, distantly sharp, faintly liqueur-like and a little bit earthy.