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Lamington Stout 5.8%, The Catchment Brewing Co., Australia
1 ratings
Lamington Stout
5.8% Stout


Post author: WexiLahti
@ The Catchment Brewing Co.
4 years ago
Lamington Stout, Australia
Flight 1/4. Opaque, black beer with timid, short-lived carbonation creates a beige, cotton head that lingers as a cute lace ring on top for significantly long. The scent portrays a tad licorice and a faint note of coffee. The palate is more coffeeish than licoriceish, a bit of sharp roasty aroma lingers behind. The light-medium-bodied beer ends with mild licorice and light-roasted coffee beans. The aftertaste has medium duration. The mouthfeel is a bit burned, distantly tangy and somewhat lightish.