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Obsession IPA 4.6%, Fixation Brewing Company, Australia
2 ratings
Obsession IPA
4.6% Session IPA


Post author: Ilya M
Ilya M
3 years ago
Hoppy without bitterness, unusually sparkling for an IPA.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ The Local Taphouse St. Kilda
4 years ago
Obsession IPA, Australia
Flight 1/5 Clear, gold beer offers a one-finger, off-white, silky head that lingers long on the surface. The nose receives hefty pineapple, loads of lemon zest, a tad mango and a suggestion of carambola. The tongue experiences a fruity package of strong grapefruit, a good amount of lemon peel, sour pineapple and a little bit of carambola. The body is light. The beer ends with slightly more bitter-bending lemon peel, some grapefruit and grated lemon peel followed by a small pinch of pineapple. The duration of the aftertaste is short. The mouthfeel is light, faintly tart, distantly crisp, subtropical as well as juicy.