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Loose Trucks 5.5%, Riders Brew, Australia
2 ratings
Loose Trucks
5.5% Porter


Post author: Ilya M
Ilya M
3 years ago
A sweet and malty porter, fairly light-drinking. I made the mistake of pairing it with a hearty goulash, and it was too bland to hold up.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ The Local Taphouse St. Kilda
4 years ago
Loose Trucks, Australia
Flight 5/5. Opaque, pitch black beer unloads a mousse-like, tan head that covers the surface for substantially long. The attractive scent puts forward coffee, bitter raw chocolate and light-roasted coffee beans. The palate follows the suit: thin mocha, bitter raw chocolate, roasted coffee beans as well as raw cocoa powder. The mouthfeel is light-medium to medium. The finish allows one to taste raw chocolate, dark chocolate and espresso. The aftertaste rolls on tongue for long. The mouthfeel is somewhat dry, distantly burned, a bit tangy and lip-glueing.