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New World Order NWO 6.5%, Temple Brewing Company, Australia
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New World Order NWO
6.5% Stout


Post author: Drix
4 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Claypots Seafood Bar
5 years ago
New World Order NWO, Australia
Murky, deep dark brown beer resembles black coffee. The head is tan, cotton and reaches two fingers. The foamy pillow descends quickly to a frazil-icy lacing on top. The scent offers colossal mocha, a tad raw chocolate and identifiable tobacco. A slight burned note follows. The gustatory experience follows exactly along the same path: loads of strong espresso, roasted coffee beans, a good amount of raw chocolate and a distinct charred nuance. Quite predictable but delicious. The body is medium. The beer ends with hefty mocha and raw dark chocolate. The bitter aftertaste lingers in mouth for a rather long time. The mouthfeel is strong, extraordinarily soft and truly smooth. It's also a bit charred and slightly dry. Works beautifully with nannygaj and lemongrass.